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Day and Nite Doors is a family owned and operated garage door repair company that has been servicing and repairing garage doors in Orange County for over 27 years. Our store and showroom are located at 370 E. Orangethorpe Ave., Placentia, Ca. 92870 conveniently located in central Orange County. We believe that the quality of the repair and service work of our technicians is superior to most other companies. Our technicians have been with us for many years and we truthfully stand behind the fact that they are extremely skilled and efficient at what they do. We are also proud of the fact that we have retained many of our original customers over the years by putting customer care as our very first priority. We invite you to look at some of our reviews online from those who were kind enough to share their experience.


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Common Garage Door Repairs

Spring Repair

Spring Repairs are one of the most common garage door repairs. One of the main reasons is the wear and tear they get from constantly lifting a heavy garage door. Many people don’t realize that it’s actually the spring that opens and closes the door not the opener. Most people access their garage door around 1500 times a year. The doors are usually steel, insulated and weigh around 300 lbs. That’s a lot of weight, so over time and constant use the springs just can’t provide the lift that’s needed and the garage door won’t open. Although many homeowners are DIY types and would like to make this repair themselves, replacing springs have the potential to be life threatening. It really would be better to call a trained technician, it’s also faster!

Broken Cables

Garage door cables work with the springs to evenly pull the garage door up or down. The cable starts from the bottom of the door, runs alongside the door and attaches to a spool above the garage door. The spool winds the cable up when the door is opened and unwinds it when the door is closed. Sometimes what can happen is a bicycle or something else gets in the way of the garage door when it’s closing. When the door hits the bike it’s supposed to stop, but sometimes the door just keeps trying to close. When this happens the cable is unwinding although the door isn’t closing. This excess cable lifts off the spool, gets detached and is unable to lift the door. Life is so much easier when your garage door is working like it should! Give us a call, our skilled garage door repairman can repair or replace your cable quickly.

Damaged Panels

There are a lot or reasons panels become damaged or dented, and have to be replaced. Usually a car hits the garage door and puts a big dent in it, or something large falls against it. These things can damage part of the door but not necessarily all of it. If your panels look like the image above, they are beyond repair! It could be a good idea to replace one or two panels, instead of replacing the entire garage door. If you decide on a panel replacement there is one thing to remember. When panels get damaged another part of the door system could be effected too mainly from the weight of the door not being evenly supported. It’s a good idea to have a technician check out all the moving parts. This way you can have more peace of mind knowing that everything else is working properly and safely.

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