$29.99 Garage Door Repair Special


$29.99 Garage Door Repair Special

There are many garage door repair companies that offer a $29.99 garage door repair service call. This is what we call a bait and switch and is ultimately a scam. These companies will bait you with a low price to only show up at your residence, perform the work and charge you an obscene amount that you will get stuck paying. We’ve included FREE report of 10 hidden traps garage door companies may use to take advantage of consumers below. Please be careful and do not become a victim of these tactics.

(To Overcharge You And Get You To Buy Stuff You Don’t Need.)

1. OPTICIAN’S TRICK – Serviceman looks over the garage door with lots of scowling, chin scratching and tisk-tisking. You ask “How much?” He replies with a fair price. If you don’t flinch at the price, he says “For the parts.” while he quotes a large additional cost for the labor. If you still don’t flinch he adds, “Each.” while pointing back and forth to your springs.

2. THE SAFETY ISSUE TRICK – This is meant to trump any objections you might have to a costly repair bill. Don’t be manipulated by the suggestion that you are risking disaster if you don’t buy something expensive. Even if you think the risk is genuine, get another estimate. Tell the second repairman you are skeptical. Every technician loves to prove the competition made a mistake.

3. YOU NEED ALL NEW ROLLERS – This is used when 1 – 4 rollers are bad. Usually it’s the top 2 and bottom 2. Sometimes all rollers are bad, and if more than 5 are bad it’s a good idea to get them all changed. NOTE: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CHANGE BOTTOM ROLLERS WITH NO EXPERIENCE. BOTTOM FIXTURES ARE UNDER EXTREME TENSION/FORCE.

4. YOU NEED NEW END BEARINGS – This is a 1 out of 5 chance. We do 20 spring repairs a month, and replace about 4 sets. This part usually needs a good soaking with oil.

5. YOU NEED A NEW TORSION TUBE – This is a 1 out of 10 chance. Multiple spring repairs cause a torsion tube to become severely worn out and oblonged. We do 20 broken spring repairs a month, replacing 1 or 2 torsion tubes. NOTE: Multiple spring repairs is a warning sign, you might not have the right springs on the door.

6. THE ADVERTISED LOW SERVICE CALL RATE – This trick is to get the company out to your home. Once at your home, all types of hidden charges appear. Example: trip charge, gas surcharge, parts, return trip for needed parts, oil/lubrication, tax. Don’t be fooled.

7. PARTS, PARTS, PARTS TRAP – You might be told you need new rollers, springs, cables, drums, bearings or torsion tube when you don’t, or at highly inflated prices. Good questions to ask when calling for service include: “How do I know you will only charge me for the parts I need?”

8. THE SPECIAL “DON’T TELL MY BOSS” TRICK – In this scheme, after the technician has worked on your garage door, he will grimly notify you he has discovered additional repairs, not just what you called him for. He will offer to do the work at a “special price,” if you agree not to tell his boss. Don’t believe it.

9. THE DISASTER IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER TECHNIQUE – As the repairman inspects your door, he grimly calls to your attention cracks in the middle of the garage door sections. This is a typical service call and can be remedied by installing additional bracing. NOTE: This repair needs to be addressed as cracks in metal panels cause fatigue quickly on a daily used piece of equipment. As an option, new sections or a new door could be an alternative solution to unsightly cracks.

10. THE “LUCKY FOR YOU I FOUND ANOTHER PROBLEM” TRICK – This is to suggest your garage door opener was damaged by failure of the springs. The plastic drive gear in openers wears out and is easily fixed. Removing opener cover reveals plastic shavings that maybe told as evidence you need a new opener, when in fact you don’t. With screw drive door openers, a common problem would be a worn out carriage, which makes a loud noise when door is opening/closing.

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