All Commercial Glass and Aluminum Door Repair, Installation and Service

Day and Nite Doors is a trusted door service company that you can rely on to repair or install any glass and aluminum door for your commercial, retail or industrial business. We are a local company that has been in the door industry in the Southern California area since 1988. For over 27 years we have been servicing doors for local businesses in Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County.

Glass and Aluminum Doors – Sales and Installation

Our company sells and installs new glass and aluminum doors for your storefront entrance in whatever type of style your business requires. Glass and aluminum doors are practical entryways for several reasons. Some companies choose them as a way to provide additional light and the illusion of greater space in the entryway. Automatic storefront doors are used in high traffic areas or areas where a hands free entrance makes it easier to come and go. Some of the standard styles of glass doors include double glass doors, frameless glass doors, glass doors with aluminum frames and automatic sliding glass doors.

5 stars all the way, Tyler and Zack were fantastic, very knowledgeable and polite as always, I was pleased with their performance, keep it up!

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Glass and Aluminum Door Service and Repair

The following is a list of some of the services and repairs that Day and Nite Doors offers:

 Available 24/7 For Emergency Glass Door Repair Call (800) 698-7202


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Glass and Aluminum Roll Up Doors

Recently, interior and exterior glass and aluminum roll up doors have become more and more in demand. They offer a light and a modern feel to both commercial office space and residential garages and give any entryway an edgy look. Day and Nite Doors technicians have extensive experience in installing all sizes of glass and aluminum roll up doors.



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American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturer



Qualified and Experienced Glass Door Estimators and Technicians

Our estimators have been certified as Glass Door Inspectors with the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers and have had extensive experience in the field. With their many years of knowledge and skill they are able to offer quality estimates in a short amount of time. The technicians at Day and Nite Doors are factory trained and many of them have worked with our company for years. Their training and skill give them the ability to get the job done quickly and competently.