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Loading Dock Repair in Orange County, Los Angeles & Inland Empire, CA for Commercial Repair and Replacement

Loading Dock repairs for dock equipment are fairly common because they are high traffic, weight-bearing areas. The constant use of forklifts and pallet jacks cause wear and damage to the dock area and directly effect safety and productivity. The loading dock equipment most effected by this is the dock leveler located in the concrete pit. The dock leveler is either a hydraulic leveler or a manual leveler and adjusts to the height of the truck in the loading bay.

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Below is an image of a dock leveler from Day and Night Doors. This concrete pit was dug out and the hydraulic leveler and truck latches were installed in just two days.

Cost Effective Loading Dock Repair

One loading dock repair that is an alternative to cutting into the concrete for a repair is a custom steel edge. We cut out a steel strip and bolt it to the top edge of the concrete pit. It provides the strength to bear the required weight and can also handle heavy traffic without ever having to cut into the concrete. This will save your company time and cost. We provide these and many more commercial door repairs.

We Provide Dock Repairs on The Following Equipment:

Dock Seals
Dock Shelters
Edge Mount
Truck Latches

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