Should Garage Doors Have Windows?

should garage doors have windows

The Debate Over Garage Doors with Windows: Weighing the Pros and Cons When it comes to garage doors, one of the key design decisions homeowners face is whether to include windows or not. While some prefer the clean, uninterrupted look of a solid garage door, others are drawn to the added visual interest and natural […]

Real Wood vs Imitation Wood

Real Wood VS Imitation Wood

When it comes to garage doors, the choice between real wood and imitation wood can have a significant impact on the overall aesthetic and functionality of your home. While both options have their own advantages and disadvantages, understanding the key differences can help you make an informed decision that best suits your needs and preferences. […]

5 Factors to Consider When Buying A New Garage Door

buying new garage door

Investing in a new residential garage door is a significant decision that can enhance the curb appeal, security, and functionality of your home. As you embark on this project, it’s essential to consider several key factors to ensure you make an informed choice that meets your needs and preferences. In this blog, we’ll explore the […]

Popular Garage Door Styles in 2024

Residential garage door repair, installation and replacement

The Garage Door Styles Homeowners Love in 2024 When it comes to the exterior of your home, the garage door is one of the most prominent features. Not only does it take up a significant portion of your home’s front facade, but it can also have a major impact on your home’s curb appeal and […]

Garage Door Styles

Modern Steel Garage Doors

Upgrading your garage door can significantly improve the curb appeal and functionality of your home. However, with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. In this blog, we’ll explore the key factors to consider when buying a new garage door. Garage Door StyleThe style of your garage door can […]