Loading Dock Equipment

Loading Dock Equipment

Dock Doors and Loading Dock Leveler Repair Service in Southern California

loading dock equipment

Dock Leveler

Dock Levelers are used to bridge the difference in height & distance between the loading dock and the vehicle floor. Having a dock leveler will provide you a smooth transition to drive a forklift directly from your warehouse into the truck to load your cargo. Dock leveler repairs are common in this high traffic, weight bearing area.


Dock Shelter

Dock Shelters effectively compensate for the difference in size between the loading bay door and the vehicle. When a dock shelter is used variations in internal climate are reduced, which is in the interest of the stored goods. Furthermore, employees are protected from extreme temperature fluctuations. Dock shelters have the ability to reduce the energy consumption in warehouses and to limit the absence of employees through illness.

Dock Seal

By installing a dock seal, you can safeguard your loading dock from the elements, reduce employee accidents, lower heating & cooling bills and minimize theft. Dock doors without dock seals are easy targets for expensive pilfering. Shipments of small product can be quickly and easily slipped through the space between the back of the trailer and the building wall – costing you thousands of dollars per year.

Truck Restraints

Truck restraints anchor directly to the dock and latch onto either the trailer’s ICC bar or rear impact guard (RIG) to hold the trailer firmly in place while it is being loaded or unloaded at the dock.

Strip Curtains – Saves Energy Costs

Vinyl Strip Curtains or Strip Doors allow for easy passage of personnel, carts & forklifts.

Strip Curtains or Strip Doors are the most economical solutions to protect your employees & goods from unpleasant environmental conditions. A vinyl strip door will reduce the amount of air that escapes when a person or vehicle passes though a door opening. In the summer, strip curtains will keep the cool air-conditioned air in your building & reduces humidity. In the winter, strip curtains prevent cold air from entering & your costly heated air from escaping. For walk-in coolers & freezers a strip door can reduce compressor running times by as much 45%.

Styles: Strip Curtain / Door, Swinging, Bi-parting & one side Accordion

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