Who Has The Biggest Garage?

When it comes to garages, size definitely matters. While the average American garage is around 400 square feet, there are some homeowners out there who have taken garage size to the extreme. From multi-car showrooms to workshops the size of small homes, these oversized garages are the stuff of dreams for any auto enthusiast.

One of the biggest garages in the world belongs to the Sultan of Brunei. This oil-rich royal is said to have a garage that can hold up to 2,500 cars. That’s more vehicles than some small towns have! The garage is part of the Sultan’s massive 1,800-acre palace complex, which is estimated to be the largest residential property in the world. With a collection that includes rare classic cars, Formula 1 racers, and even a gold-plated Rolls Royce, the Sultan definitely has a garage fit for a king.

Another contender for the world’s biggest garage belongs to a car collector in the United States. Ohio businessman Jay Leno is famous for his impressive car collection, which is housed in a 17,000 square foot “Big Dog Garage.” This garage is more like an automotive museum, with space for Leno’s nearly 300 vehicles as well as a machine shop, paint booth, and other car-related facilities. Leno is said to spend up to $50,000 per month maintaining his garage and collection.

While the garages of royalty and celebrities may be the biggest, there are also plenty of “regular” people who have built oversized garages to house their own impressive car collections. In Texas, one homeowner constructed a 15,000 square foot garage to hold his 200 classic cars. And in Canada, another car enthusiast built a 40,000 square foot garage that can accommodate up to 100 vehicles.

Of course, having a garage this large isn’t just about showing off. Many owners use their oversized garages as workshops, restoration studios, and even event spaces. Jay Leno, for example, frequently hosts charity car shows and other automotive events in his Big Dog Garage. The extra space allows them to not only store their cars, but also work on them, display them, and share their passion with others.

Building a garage of this magnitude isn’t cheap, however. Estimates suggest that a 15,000 square foot garage can cost upwards of $1 million to construct. The Sultan of Brunei’s garage is part of a palace that is valued at over $500 million. So for the average person, a garage of this size will likely remain a dream rather than a reality.

But for those with the means, an oversized garage can be the ultimate automotive sanctuary. It’s a place to indulge your passion, showcase your collection, and surround yourself with the cars you love. While the rest of us may have to make do with a standard two-car garage, we can still admire the garages of those who have taken their automotive obsession to the extreme.

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